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  • The pot accumulated by all buy-ins to the specific tournament is divided by top winning players. To collect your reward: once a big win tournament in which you took part will end you’ll recieve an inner mail that will notify you on your winnings with an option to claim them.

    Note: Governor of Poker 3 uses the standard division for prize pool allocation, as used for all MTTs (multi-table tournaments).

  • Fee is an additional percentage of chips that are paid on top of the buy-in for Big Win events and Heads Up games. The Fee will never be more than 10%, meaning if the buy-in is 1,000 with the fee you will pay 1,100. The House sure does thank you!

  • Rake represents a very small percentage of chips that are taken out of each Cash Game pot for the house. Note: this applies to Cash Games only, and does not include tournaments

  • A Split Pot occurs when two or more players share the same winning hand in the same pot. Note: it doesn’t mean these players necessarily have the exact same cards though. Players could share the same board cards in addition to (or as opposed to) what they actually hold in their hand . When it comes to a Split Pot, it is determined by five cards and there is no rank of suits. Most times you will look to whoever has the highest ranked card. If you have the same five card hand even after this, the pot will be split evenly among all winning players.
    In the case where one or more players go All In, there’s the possibility of creating a Side Pot(s). Additional Side Pots allow for players in the hand to continue playing, with each additional pot going to the player with the best hand. Therefore, it’s possible that a player with a worse hand may win the biggest Side Pot, while the player with the best hand wins a smaller Side Pot for which that they went All In.

  • Achievements are your goals in Governor of Poker 3. Earn XP and gold for every achievement you complete!

    Click on the trophy icon on the top of the screen to see your completed achievements and claim your reward, plus check what achievements you need to complete!

  • XP (Experience Points) Help you level up in Governor of Poker 3. Earn XP for every Poker-related move and blackjack you do in the game, inlcluding completing achievements winning hands, busting players, even losing hands! Track your XP at the top of your screen to see how close you are to the next level.

  • Blackjack is a game in which players compete against the dealer, but not other players. The goal of the game is to reach a value as close to 21 as possible without exceeding it. Cards 2-9 are worth their face value, while 10, Jack, Queen and King are valued at 10. An Ace can count as either 1 or 11 in favor of the player’s best interest. A player’s hand is determined by the sum of all the card values. It should also be noted that suits don’t have any meaning or value.

    Once the dealer has dealt 2 cards to each player, participants have the option to “hit,” and take an additional card or opt not to take more cards and “stand.” Players can only beat the dealer by having a total sum of 21 or by having the highest score that is lower than 21. Having a sum of more than 21, or a “bust,” results in a loss whether it’s the player or the dealer who has the amount. If the dealer busts, the player(s) win and vice versa.

    The dealer must hit until his/her cards have at least 16 points, and stand at 17 or more points. For example, if the dealer deals 10 and 3, he/she must hit until the sum is 16 or more. If the dealer deals King and 7, he/she must stand.

    In traditional Blackjack, if a player has been dealt two identical cards (i.e. 2 7’s), he/she has the option to split and play on two hands. Player also has the option to double his bet and to receive an additional one card. Note: this option only exists as the first decision of the hand. A player cannot hit and then decide to double, also when doubling player can only get one additional card. In Governor of Poker Blackjack, a player can split 2 cards that aren’t identical situations, if one card is a 10 and the other is royal (i.e. 10 and King). In this situation, the player can choose to split and play as two hands. AA’s you can only split one time, and blackjack won’t count when spliting Aces

    Think you’ve got what it takes to beat the dealer?

  • If you can’t enter a Big Win event, chances are you’re experiencing one of the following reasons:

    1. You don’t match the dress code! Each tournament has its own dress code, which you can find by clicking on the Big Win building.
    Think you already have the hat, pin or shirt that’s required to enter? Check out your Inventory and put it on! Just click the shopping bag icon (next to the trophy) at the top of your screen, browse through your items and choose the appropriate one to wear.
    Don’t own the required hat, pin or shirt? Buy it from within the big win tournament lobby or Click on the shop button icon in the top left corner of the screen to buy your necessary items! (Note: you can also access the Shop if you’re browsing through your Inventory, by clicking on the “Store” icon).

    2. You don’t have enough chips! In order to enter a tournament, you must have enough chips for the buy-in plus the tournament fee. Grab some chips in one of our awesome packages and get ready to play!

    3. The tournament is closed! Each of our Big Win tournaments start and begin at a specific time. If the event hasn’t begun yet or has already ended, you won’t be able to enter.

  • Big Win events are time-bound tournaments, meaning they start and end at a set time. To enter the tournament, you must pay the buy-in plus the tournament fee and match the set dress code. Check what the dress code is by clicking on the Big Win buidling, head to the Shop and make sure to pick up the required hat, shirt or pin to enter.

    The prize pool for a Big Win tournament depends on how many buy-ins there are during the time of the tournament. The sum of the buy-ins are then divided between the top winners. How do you become a top winner? Win as many chips as possible during the tournament! What you win during the time of the Big Win won’t go towards your total number of chips, but rather reflect your ranking in the tournament’s leaderboard. So, the more you win in the tournament, the higher you’ll place in the leaderboard!

    If you’ve entered a tournament, you’ll have a place on the leaderboard until the event closes – meaning, if you entered on the first day, and didn’t play again until the day the tournament closes, you’ll still have your winnings from day 1 going towards your ranking.

  • Royal Hold’em is a type of Texas Hold’em, in which only 5 people can play and the deck is limited to only 20 cards – meaning all lower cards are removed from the deck, only leaving 10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces.

    Royal Hold’em applies the same rules and betting rounds as Texas Hold’em, but as a more exciting game ensues there is more betting, less folding and bigger winning hands. Ranking of hands are as follows (from highest to lowest):

    1. Royal flush (note: this is the only flush possible)
    2. Four of a kind
    3. Full house
    4. Straight
    5. Three of a kind
    6. Two pair

  • If you want to sit out, you can do so by not taking action during 2 turns. Then you automatically sit out. If you touch the screen again, you will be in the game again.

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